NTREIS signs license with Remine to bring Big Data to North Texas

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Dallas, Texas. (February 23, 2017) – Remine and the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems, Inc. (NTREIS) are pleased to announce an agreement to make Remine available to its more than 30,000 MLS subscribers. The Remine platform will connect exclusively through the MLS platform leveraging Big Data to the NTREIS market for the first time.

“Remine complements our existing MLS systems by adding a beautiful visualization of all our data,” said John Holley, CEO of NTREIS. “An incredible feature is their ability to reconnect with past clients, and see their propensity to sell. And then even if you’ve lost their contact info, Remine can update it.”

Leo Pareja, CEO of Remine, said “Remine will be deeply integrated with the existing front end system to create a seamless experience. We’ve designed Remine to meet the unique needs of real estate professionals; we look forward to delivering our core functionality to the community in North Texas.”

About NTREIS, Inc.

North Texas Real Estate Information Systems, Inc. (NTREIS) is a real estate information and technology solutions provider serving the real estate community in a coverage area exceeding 48,000 square miles in North Texas, including the Dallas Fort Worth Metropolitan Area.  NTREIS provides information management services to over 30,000 MLS subscribers of its 15 Shareholder REALTOR® Associations, including over 6,000 real estate offices.  www.Ntreis.net.

About Remine

Remine delivers predictive analytics and big data visualizations to real estate professionals exclusively through their MLS. We analyze property records, transactional history and consumer data to determine someone’s propensity to buy or sell a home. Our user interface utilizes heat maps and other visualizations to help real estate professionals extract intelligence, identify new leads and win more business. www.Remine.com or call 855-217-0171.


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2 Responses to NTREIS signs license with Remine to bring Big Data to North Texas

  1. Jeff Kofahl says:

    Was told at one point this was slated for May 2017. Is there any update?

  2. ntreis says:

    The vendor has not launched this product yet; we will have a new launch schedule soon!

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