April Fools!

by: Cindy Miller

So, what was the best April Fools prank you encountered today?  Which ones did you fall for?   Greg Robertson  over at VendorAlley ran some great headlines today for the real estate industry –  NAR announcement from Dale Stinton that they were shutting down RPR and refunding investment dollars to its members;  Homes.com announcing a REALTOR drone service as an extension of their Concierge services and finally, that a Zillow Zestimate was actually accurate on a lone property in New Mexico!

Around the internet, Google announced “Google Nose” – smellavision for your search engine – and Twitter created a new Twttr site for their new free basic service since you now must pay $5 monthly to use vowels in your tweets on their premium site.    In other news, since we don’t have enough cat videos,  Vimeo announced their new ViMeow service.

Locally, the Dorsey Gang at KSCS, infamous for their elaborate annual pranks, announced a proposed bill in the Texas Legislature that would do away with 4th grade in Texas public schools.  They even created a fake organization with a blog and a twitter account to raise a grassroots campaign against the idea.   Parents and teachers alike are outraged that Parents will have to home school their children for a year.

For more April Fools pranks around the web, search #aprilfools on twitter.   To read about the ones mentioned above –  @vendoralley, @HawkeyeOnAir, #googlenose, #twttr, #vimeo.

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