iPhone 5 Battery Issues?

BY: Cindy Miller

Some users seem to be having issues and some are not.   Personally, my phone did not have battery problems until after updating to iOS 6.0.1,  but it is not clear if the update causes the issue or if it just takes several charges before the issue manifests itself.   Regardless,  several of our staff have experienced the problem and after internet searches and advice for turning off this app and that, I will tentatively say we think we have found the resolution.   If your phone suddenly begins draining power  (mine was going from 100% charge to dead in 4 hours or less!),  simply Reset the phone,  allow the battery to completely drain and the fully charge it.   I did this last night and as of mid-morning, I still have almost 90% charge.

Go to Settings – General – Reset – Reset all Settings.   Allow the battery to completely drain (I let mine go dead),  then plug in charger and do not remove until 100% charged.

This seems to be a nagging issue whenever Apple releases a new iPhone, but I’ve yet to see them post any official remedies, so I hope this info helps if you are experiencing the same!

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